The following information will help you to understand our service policy and pricing


How to determine the cost of image editing? - The best way to get your image quoted is to send it to us adding requirements. There are: basic image editing, advanced editing, beauty high-end level,  complex advertising post-production, 3D modelling.The cost is based on general complexity, capacity and time-frames.


Are you available for trial/free work? - Yes, under a certain conditions, which depend on a particular case: a) test work is paid half of a standard price; b) work can be done absolutely for free on TFP basis, if it's not too complexed and we can add it to our portfolio and/or get credits when it's published somewhere else.


Is there a deposit before starting work? - For our both benefitial collaboration client needs to make a 50% pre-payment before starting, in any of the convinient ways listed below, for minor orders pre-payment is 100%


Can I be sure of a turn around time? - With high probability yes, the approximate time of accomplishing the order will be announced before starting, and if it's impossible to deliver on time (which happens rarely), we will notify about it in advance


How can I pay the order? - In any of the ways proposed: Paypal / Skrill / WebMoney / Western Union / MoneyGram / Ria / Unistream / Payoneer / or get a 10% discount paying with Bitcoin

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