Beauty Retoucher


The various advantages of a beauty retoucher


Everyone has probably seen the photos of unbelievably gorgeous Hollywood as well as Bollywood actors and actresses on the glossy front pages of popular fashion magazines.


Their faces do not have a single flaw in those pictures. In reality, the actors and actresses appear more attractive and beautiful in those photographs than they are in real life. You may just be thinking how they manage to look so flawless and so amazingly beautiful. The credit for that goes to the beauty retoucher in charge. A beauty retouch is applied in these magazines by Photoshop artists on the photographs of these actors and actresses through the use of special apps that can be installed on any compatible computer. In case you have some picture of yours which you have wanted to edit for a while by applying digital makeup, it is possible to do this through the usage of Adobe Photoshop as well as other photo editing tools, provided you are familiar with them.


When we speak of manually applied makeup, that work can usually be accredited to makeup beauty retoucher artists, who apply different types of makeup on the faces of the celebrities through the usage of a diverse set of makeup instruments and brushes. But in case of digital beauty retoucher style makeup, the makeup is applied on the visages of the actors and actresses using a lot of different types of brushes, not physical brushes. Instead, photographs are taken either via the paparazzi or during a photo shoot of the actor or actress who is then stored in the PC’s hard drive for more editing. The beauty retoucher or photo editor then edits the pictures as soon as they have the time to do so.  The credit for this goes in a large part to the carious advances in technology in general, which was what made it much easier for all of us to take photographs. The tools required for digital beauty retoucher makeup are not so costly. The essential tools required to become a beauty retoucher include a PC, a digital camera, an image editing app.  You have the option to choose from a diverse number of free image and beauty retoucher editing apps, like for instance Gimp. If you want, it is also possible to get the latest version when it comes to Adobe Photoshop if you are okay with spending a few bucks. However in such cases the best thing to do is to hire a beauty retoucher.


Beauty Retoucher

Photographer: Emy Lou Harris